Éditions Beya

  • Sous la direction de
    J. Lohest
  • Éditions Beya
  • volume n°A2
  • 15 x 23 cm
  • 148 pages
  • ISBN : 978-2-9600575-5-3
  • couverture cousue souple
  • illustrations en noir et blanc : 27; en couleur : 15

Louis Cattiaux


BEYA Publications have the honour of presenting to the English readers the first english edition of Louis Cattiaux’s essay on painting, under the title of Physics and Metaphysics of Painting

This edition is enhanced with a series of 15 coloured copies of his paintings as well as a series of 24 black and white copies of his drawings, that were supposed to illustrate the first 12 chapters of his Message Rediscovered.

In 1946, L. Cattiaux started writing the work Physics and Metaphysics of Painting. It was at that time that had been published at the author’s expense the first 12 chapters of his major work The Message Rediscovered, which is the outcome of all his quest. It is not possible, without reading or meditating upon it, to approach truly his pictorial work or his other writings. A deep unity emerges from all his works. Thus the magic of the shapes and the colours of his pictures appeal to us and they invite us to contemplate ourselves in the subtle language of those mirrors, just as the weight of his words mysteriously magnetizes us and awakens ancient memories within us. He had a passion for hermetic philosophy, and this trend deeply marked his painting. 

May this first English edition of Physics and Metaphysics of Painting open the eyes of our contemporaries on the extraordinary work of an Artist visited by the Muse and who is thus linked up to the Tradition.


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